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The Ten Podcast

Jul 15, 2023

In this episode of The TEN, a pivotal victory for the cryptocurrency space as a court judge rules in favor of XRP (Ripple), declaring it is not a security. This could be a game-changing precedent for the crypto landscape moving forward. We also delve into the arrest of Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius and some of the issues the space has had over the years with unscrupulous characters at the helm of large quantities of assets under management.

We also turn our attention towards 'The Sound of Freedom,' a new film based on a true story in relation to the global issue of human trafficking that is causing ripples across America. With a variety of reports and reactions, we scrutinise the peculiar spins certain mainstream media outlets are presenting to the public and ask some questions as to why? Also, its the 20 year anniversary of 10th Planet JiuJitsu. Frank speaks on his involvement since the early days of its inception and the profound impact its had for jiujitsu across the globe & MORE 


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