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The Ten Podcast

Aug 21, 2020

In this episode of The TEN, we discuss the current situation in Australia regarding the 'pandemic'. Our leaders are pushing for mandatory vaccines amidst our draconian lockdown here in Melbourne. Aerial Recon Drones targeting non compliance. Police and military in the city serving fines for non compliance. Misinformation from our government and media spin has been fuelling the fear and uncertainty. Here we give some insight and clips to show you just how our leaders use spin to manipulate us into their chosen agenda. As Australians we need to identify these tactics and wake up to what is going on. Gross violations of our human rights are being proposed and some already implemented. 

False Evidence Appearing Real = FEAR

Don't allow yourself to be a victim and succumb to tyranny. Now more than ever you must take it upon yourself to educate and understand the situation.




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