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The Ten Podcast

Jun 24, 2019

In this episode we discuss all things training and the importance of periodizing your training schedule to illicit continual response. Quite often we find ourselves in a routine and a comfortability within our physical training and wonder why the workout we've been doing is starting to have diminishing returns.

We discuss different training modalities such as Kettlebells, Swim Sprints, Strength Training, Crossfit .etc and how to manipulate different parameters within your workout to keep you seeing gains.

We also answer some questions that have come through the Instagram and Frank's own personal socials regarding nutrition, best training to supplement jiu jitsu & MORE.

Instagram/Websites discussed:
* (@jt_tenacity) BJJ Black Belt,

@Bulletproofforbjj Co-Owner 

@jiugoplay Jiu jitsu Card Game

 James Tomlinson Website

* (@dennyprokopos) Instagram 3x No-Gi World Champion and Owner of San Francisco BJJ 

* Pavel Tsatsouline Master of Kettlebell

Mike Salemi World Champion KB (Mike has a great KB Program and is a KB World Champion)


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